Nifty Thrifty: May 2016

Several of you (all five of you lovely readers, haha) mentioned that you enjoyed the previous thrifting post. Since thrifting is one of my absolute favorite things to do, I'm happy to keep these posts going. Let's get into it.  

I am still swooning over this rocker. This look is very much "on trend" right now - especially in the world of mid-century nurserys seeking a sleeker, more modern look. Being in nearly mint condition certainly didn't hurt either. 

Woven seats are trending, with leather leading the way. Although not leather, I thought this was a fun set - unfortunately there were only three chairs instead of a full set of four (one of the drawbacks of thrifting). I picture these around a game table in a basement or man cave, or maybe next to a console in an entryway for added interest and a place to slip on shoes. And while the color of the wood is fine, these could look cool painted all black or even an unexpected contrasting color.

Finding quality textiles for CHEAP is the best. This set of cloth napkins is from Crate & Barrel. I appreciate that they can be washed (they're used, after all), but the reality is that many of the cloth napkins and table cloths I run across look as though they've hardly been used. I mean, how often do you use yours? I'm definitely trying to use our cloth napkins more often, and I love the thought of dining alfresco with these. For the record, I often find used textiles like this from Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, World Market, and Williams-Sonoma. 

Here's a darling vintage set of napkins. Bring back all the embroidery!! These reminded me of my SIL...shout out to Leah!

Dressers like this always make me want to redo a bathroom. I see these used all the time as vanities and paired with a vessel sink. I was glad to see that all the ring-pull hardware was in good shape.

Love this shabby table! No surprise that it already had a "sold" tag on it. 

I always keep an eye out for full sets of glassware. Wouldn't these be fun for ice cream sundaes? I'm having flashbacks of our Whit's End Odyssey party back in day...

I've never been to Europe, but photos of Cinque Terre get me every time. I'd reframe this watercolor print in something more modern - maybe a black or dark wood frame, or even a fun color pulled from the picture itself. This could add a nice pop of color to a home office (so you could dream about wherever else you'd rather be...), hallway, or a bathroom. Bonus points if you've actually been there!

Side tables are a major weakness of mine. If this had been part of a set of two, it would have come home with me. Thumbs up for casters, unblemished caning, and the details on the legs. The brass accents don't hurt either. 

It's a little tough to see, but this creamy white headboard with matching footboard (the one with the painted flower on it) would be sweet in a little girl's room.

So I really thought I'd stumbled across the find of the century when I saw this Jenny Lind bed for $20. That's pretty much unheard of. I was thisclose to hauling it home (heck, I'd resell it for profit if I couldn't find a place for it) when I realized one of the spokes had broken off. Nooooo!

My sister, Hannah, has been adding to her milk glass collection, so this little beut came home with me and will eventually make its way across country to Nashville. I love that it's on the smaller size for a cake plate, complete with a rimmed edge. I'm sure she'll fill it with homemade macarons - or maybe one of those tall, thin round cakes?! 

I found one of these pocket change plates a few years ago and gave it to my brother-in-law for a birthday gift. Naturally, this one needed to come home with me so that there could be a set in our family. Brass deserves all the heart eyes!

This tablecloth screams boho. Wouldn't this fabric make a fun throw pillow? Again, I really need to learn to many lost opportunities. 

This one's a little random, but these lined Pottery Barn curtains were just a few bucks. The spunky green color and corduroy texture would make a solid addition to a boy bedroom or playroom. My only beef is that they were 84 inches long, and I usually prefer my curtains to be 90 inches plus so they can be hung high and wide. 

If you're still following along, I saved the best for last. I am SO into this chinoiserie style dresser (don't miss the bamboo/rattan edges). It's beat up, but a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware would bring this baby completely back to life. It was $20, and I have a feeling it'll still be there next weekend at half off - so $10! The size of this would be perfect in an entryway - or even a guest bedroom. And in spite of my normally neutral tendencies, I'd say go all out and paint this a bright color - peacock blue, coral, navy, red...even black. Lacquered would be amazing, but of course I have no idea how to do that... 

Each of these pieces could provide a starting point for designing a room. And that is why I need some other homes to work on, since I'll never have the space in my own home, and of course my ideas are all over the style board. Let this be a lesson to you - thrifting can provide great inspiration!

As usual, what would you take home? Cheers!