Nifty Thrifty: April 2016

My sister, Hannah, lives in Nashville - home of 5th & Taylor, where the fried chicken and jammy sausage biscuits will blow your mind, and a spoonful of Jeni’s ice cream will lead you to spend $25 for a pint (that’s not a typo) of browned butter almond brittle goodness to be delivered across country to your front door. Divine dining aside, thrifting in Nashville is expensive. It’s hard to find unique pieces at junk prices, because people recognize their value. While amazing shopping abounds, it comes at a high price.  

And that’s when I realized that Colorado Springs is a gem of a city when it comes to thrifting. So few people seem to recognize the good stuff. They’re browsing racks of Gap blue jeans, while dough bowls and full sets of Wedgwood and Wexford await an aisle over. (That’s only sort of true…I’ve yet to stumble upon a dough bowl. I’m optimistic though.) Or they’re hikingbikingclimbingskiingbeingsuperhardcore. I love those things too, but sometimes a girl just wants to shop, am I right?!  

On Saturdays, our local ARC thrift stores discount most everything to half off. Since I refuse to become a hoarder, I’ve decided to take photos of my favorite finds and post them here every so often. Along with a photo, I’ll add my two cents as to why I think these items are great finds. Are you excited for some virtual window shopping?! Check out the wares of the past month.  

I adore mid-century side tables. These remind me so much of the ones in our living room, and they are the best! Tall and slim, with very cool knobs. Best of all, they are a matching pair, which is really hard to find at an affordable price. Pretty sure these were $25 total... I noticed that someone snagged them before I left the store.

Again, love the mid-century vibe of this bench. It actually came home with me. I'll post an update on this piece soon, as it received a paint job and some new upholstery, along with a new home in our guest bedroom.  

Anything rattan/bamboo has me smitten these days. Those stripes don't hurt either - although they were pretty badly stained, so new upholstery might be involved. One of the best things about rattan is that it looks great natural, but it's also crazy easy to spray paint. It takes on a decidedly more modern feel when done up in a crisp white or cheery color. This pair would be fun on a porch - or even in a bedroom reading nook.

Apparently I found several "pairs" this month! That's always a win in my book. These lamps could use some new shades, but I was really drawn to their marble bases. How cool would these be in a handsome library? You know, because all of us have libraries these days...  

Chunky wooden curtain rod rings add such pretty detail to window treatments, and there was a whole slew of them. At half off, they'd be a buck apiece. Not sure if that's a good deal or not...

Why hello there, waxy armadillo. Just seeing if you were still paying attention. ; )

I always love a good bankers chair - the darker color on this one is great. These work well in home offices - even pulled up to a built-in desk in the kitchen - or in a bedroom.  

I picture these pretty lamps in a girl's room. Gotta love the marble base and soft pink combo. 

Bird botanicals are another favorite of mine, and again, this was a full set of four rather than one lonely piece. I was kind of digging the matting color, but those could be swapped out along with the frames - or spray painted. For a more modern look, re-frame these with crisp white matting and black or white frames.  

Oh are so dreamy. I actually took these pretty pieces home with me. Maybe for Molly's big girl room? Not sure if the frames will stay or go yet...

It's really hard to tell from this photo, but this mirror is huge! While the frame color could stand to be updated, this was a steal at about $15. Perhaps leaning against a wall in a bedroom or entryway?  

I'd swap out the art in this one, but the large bamboo-style frame caught my eye.  

Love this tablecloth for dining alfresco. It lends that bohemian vibe and brings in a nice pop of color.  

Yeesh...okay, apparently I have an addiction to rattan. I really love the lines of these chairs. Unfortunately, there were only three chairs to this set, which makes them significantly harder to use. I suppose two of them could be used at the end of a table. Also, I wasn't sure if they'd be very comfortable, but adding a cushion would probably work just fine. 

Very cool architectural piece. Could work well as art or propped up on a mantel. It's definitely a statement piece.

Thrifter in training. Liam actually loves looking around the ARC. I should totally do a separate post on his favorite finds. Let's just say he's still developing his "eye." : ) So this basket. It's just massive, and it's hard to find big baskets in general, let alone for $5. I wondered if this could be tweaked to work as a Christmas tree basket skirt, but it's probably too tall for that. Liam said it would hold all of his toys - of course.

Chunky cutting boards are always fun. Stuff like this works well for staging.

And while this one might look random, I am so into it. It's a queen duvet cover made from a nubby linen material. I love the boho look of this and think it would be so cute in a teen's bedroom. 

So many of these pieces could provide a starting point - that spark of inspiration - for a room. With a little digging and a few tweaks, most of these would be good as new (and probably higher quality) at a fraction of the price. Okay, time for the favorites game! Which one would you take home?