Boy Oh Boy

One of the best parts of hosting a baby shower is that no kids are allowed!  Oh the irony.  While we love our babes, there is something so refreshing about gathering with a group of just women.  And it also means I can pretty things up a bit more, since no chubby hands will be grabbing for things!  

As this is Amber’s second baby boy, I decided simple and celebratory was best.  Invites were sent via Pingg (a service similar to Evite) for an evening of dessert and drinks.  I made some of the food myself and filled in with additional goodies from Trader Joe’s and Nothin’ Bundt Cakes (which Mom and I happily tested out prior to the shower).    

And as my Mom always says, everything looks better on a pedestal – cake plates for the win!

The décor came mainly from fresh eucalyptus that I snagged at Trader Joe’s, along with a few votive candles plunked into mason jars.  As usual, I laid out food on white serving ware.  I love that it all goes together but isn’t too matchy matchy.

Since all of us pretty much dread shower games at this point (thank the Lord – no more sticking our faces into diapers loaded with squished up chocolate bars), I skipped right past ‘em and opted for a simple craft instead. My thought was that sometimes it’s nice to keep your hands busy while you chat, and I loved the idea of everyone gathered around the table - talking, nipping at dessert, and creating a personal gift for Amber and her new baby to enjoy.  

You really cannot have too many burp cloths (which lend themselves as cleaning rags in their second life), so I decided we would gussy some up as a craft.  I picked up plain white cloth diapers at Target, as well as embroidery thread, fabric stamps & paint, plus ribbon from Hobby Lobby.  Amber’s nursery décor is mostly navy, blues, and greens, so I stuck with those colors.  I figured there was enough variety to satiate the more ambitious crafters while allowing other guests simpler options.

It ended up being really fun, and while I didn’t get any photos of the completed burp cloths, there were several really cool ones.  I would totally do this project again, as it was a wonderfully low-key form of entertainment.  

Finally, everyone wrote a baby blessing in the book I Love You More, which Amber will be able to pass on to her son every time they snuggle up to read. 

I’m so grateful for sweet evenings like these!  And of course, congratulations to my dear friend Amber on her baby boy!